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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The natural world demonstrates the necessity of biodiversity for healthy ecosystems that support life on Earth and upon which humans depend for existence. Protection of diversity among species and specimens along with their interactions is critical for the continued success of these systems, whether designated through adaptations, behaviors, geography, or any multitude of other markers. Every person and community is impacted by the condition of our environment through air, water, and land and therefore should have the opportunity to engage with and expand their knowledge of the natural world.

Enjoying, learning about, and ultimately protecting nature and the diversity that it represents provides an example for Venice Area Audubon Society in embracing a wide variety of people and ideas in our efforts to achieve our mission: to promote an understanding of and interest in wildlife and the environment that supports it, and to foster the cause of conservation with emphasis on birds and their habitats.

We recognize the importance of equity, diversity, inclusion, and the richness that comes from embracing all people. Throughout our actions, activities, and programs, we actively seek opportunities to provide education and opportunities among all the communities of our service area and beyond, whether residents or visitors, of all ages, backgrounds, lifestyles, and voices. We gratefully appreciate the discussion with and participation of those who challenge us to continue to grow as an organization.



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