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Bird Rescue

What to do if you find a baby bird, injured bird, or deceased bird

If you find a baby bird, it may need to be rehomed into its nest, it may be a fledgling that needs no intervention, or it may need specialized care. The Wildlife Center of Southwest Florida offers information about baby birds.

Injured birds, including any bird caught by a cat even if it appears uninjured, need specialized care provided by a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Contact a licensed rehabilitator if you find an injured bird before you attempt to catch the bird. Do not provide food or water unless you are advised to do so by a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. State and federal permits are required for rehabilitation of native and migratory birds and animals.

Currently a highly contagious disease, known as Highly Pathenogenic Avian Influenze (HPAI) or H5N1 Bird Flu, is impacting the wild bird population. The CDC offers information regarding deceased or infected wild birds.

Hooked a bird while fishing? Learn how to rescue a hooked bird.

Local rehabilitation centers

Several Florida wildlife/bird rehab centers are located in our area including:



Telephone: 941-496-8984

Sarasota County Call Center: 941-861-5000 (General information and directions)


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