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2024 "Bird and Brag" Birdathon: March 8-11

birdathon (n):  An opportunity to go birding with a purpose, including raising funds and observing and identifying wild birds in their natural habitat.  

This year’s “Bird and Brag” Birdathon goal is to raise $5,000 for Venice Area Audubon Society’s 2nd Grade Birdwatchers Program.  In addition to adding to the collective total number of species documented during the event, the team that finds the most bird species on one day within the Birdathon weekend also earns bragging rights for the year.  

Who can participate?  “Bird and Brag” is open to everyone!  VAAS members, non-members, birders of all skill levels and ages, and supporters are invited to participate.   

How can I participate?  Use the DOWNLOADABLE FORM: BIRD AND BRAG.pdf

  • Form or join a team and go birding during the Birdathon weekend, March 8-11, 2024.  If you’re new to the Venice area or new to birding, we’ll assign you to a team so you can participate.
  • Encourage others to join the fun and form a team.  More teams are more fun!
  • Plan to support Venice Area Audubon Society’s 2nd Grade Birdwatchers Program with a donation AND encourage family and friends to make a donation!  Choose your donation option:
    1. A fixed amount to support the overall Birdathon effort;
    2. An amount of your choice for each species found by the team of your choice
    3. An amount of your choice for the total number of species documents by ALL the teams during the Birdathon.
  • Email your donation amount to
  • Venice Area Audubon Society will contact all pledge donors after the final species tally is completed with directions for payment.

How does it work?

  • Assemble a team of 2-6 people who will commit to go birding on the same day during the Birdathon weekend. 
  • Register your team’s name and participants via email to birdathon@veniceaudubon.orgRegister by March 5, 2024.  Be creative with your team name! 
  • We’ll follow up and collect from donors after the event. 
  • Go birding!  Handy hint:  Scouting areas prior to the weekend may increase opportunities to spot unique species.  See additional information in Rules & Guidelines. 
  • Submit your team’s bird list to by March 20, 2024.

After the event:

  • Team results will be published in the April issue of ChipNote.
  • The team recording the highest number of species will get bragging rights for the year plus:
    • Team photo in Venice Area Audubon’s ChipNote newsletter
    • Team and team members’ names engraved on a NEW Birdathon plaque in the Venice Audubon Center

Need help or information?  Contact us at 

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Rules and Guidelines


  • are composed of two to six participants.
  • must register with Venice Area Audubon Society by March 5, 2024.  Email to register your team and team members.
  • choose a 24-hour period between March 8-11, 2024 for all team members to go birding in southwest Florida.  The birding period may span 2 days but cannot exceed one continuous 24-hour period.   NOTE:  Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday, March 10th. 
  • must have at least two team members within hearing distance of each other at all times.
  • can split up into groups of at least two to cover maximum habitats.
  • may be assigned an additional team member who is new to the area or birding at the discretion of Venice Area Audubon Society.  This person will be in addition to the maximum six participants.

For all teams:

  • Teams are required to follow the Birding Code of Ethics provided by the ABA:
  • All Birdathon species counts must be completed during the official “Bird and Brag” weekend.
  • All team members must bird only during their team’s selected 24-hour period. 
  • The count must be conducted within the following four counties only: Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee and Manatee.
  • Birds must be identified by at least two team members.
  • An identification is official when made by sight or sound.
  • Team captains will compile and report their team’s findings on a master bird list to be provided to each team.  All lists must be submitted by March 20, 2024.
  • Any rare bird accepted by eBird will be acceptable for submittal to the Birdathon. If not submitting to eBird, rare bird acceptance will be subject to review by VAAS Birdathon organizers.

Additional questions?  Contact



Telephone: 941-496-8984

Sarasota County Call Center: 941-861-5000 (General information and directions)


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